• What is Save n'Keep?
    Save n' Keep is a bookmarking site that enables the user to save, store and manage his/her favourite web pages. This means you can save the sites you visit or consult most often, search items and share favourite sites with the gateway community of Save n' Keep.
    Save n'Keep also offers an authentic public profile that can be personalised as required, with the option of managing your bookmarks via tags.
    Stay up-to-date and connected at all times, with Save n'Keep!
  • How do I subscribe?
    To add your personal links to Save n' Keep you need to subscribe to the service.
    To do this, click on the link "Subscribe by email" (present on the homepage) and proceed with subscription; here a pop-up window is displayed for entry of the “username”, “email” and “password”.  To confirm subscription, click on the link in the email sent to your address.
    You can also proceed with subscription by clicking on the link “Not a member yet? Click here”; the link is enabled from the button “Log in” (displayed at the top right of all web site pages).
    If you want to try out Save n'Keep straight away, simply log on with your Facebook or Google profile.
  • What can I do with Save n'Keep?
    If you register with Save n'Keep you can:
    - Save and share your favourite web sites accessible from all computers and mobile devices. 
    - Personalise your saved bookmarks: some information is generated automatically, while other items can be specified at the time of entry. 
    - Create your user page open to the public, where you can personalise some information, such as nickname, description and avatar. 
    - Save bookmarks of other users. 
    - Create personalised theme-based tags where your bookmarks can be stored.
  • How do I manage the public page of my profile?
    Each Save n'Keep account is linked to a public page that summarises a set of information on social activities, settings saved on the profile and publicly shared bookmarks.
    You can personalise your page by logging on and accessing the link "settings" displayed on your dashboard. The personalisable information on public display includes the nickname, a small description and a profile photo (optional selections).
  • How do I save a bookmark?
    On Save n'Keep you can create your own bookmarks simply and quickly. 
    After user login, these are some of the options available:  
    - Click on the button "+" alongside the search.
    - On the dashboard click on the button “+” alongside the box containing your personal data
    In the pop-up window, after checking the field “save URL”, simply press the button "analyse". The system then generates a number of fields automatically. At this point you can select one or more tags to link to the bookmark.
    You can then select whether to share the bookmark with the Save n'Keep community or to set it as "Private".

    Each user can enter up to 20 URL of a same domain.
  • How do I change or delete a bookmark?
    If you want to change one of your bookmarks, from your personal page simply click on the button "modify" below the preview image of the bookmark. 
    This opens a pop-up window where you can edit the following information:
    - Tag 
    - Category 
    - Privacy settings 
    Otherwise, if you want to delete it, simply click on the trash can icon below the preview image of the bookmark.
  • How can I share the bookmarks on my social network?
    Save n' Keep enables you to share your favourite sites on the main social networks. On the details page of each bookmark, the icons of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are displayed at the top right of each page. Otherwise, if you pass the mouse over your bookmarks the system displays the icons of the social networks where you can share your items.
  • I have forgotten my password: how can I retrieve it?
    The procedure is simple: clicking on the link "Forgot your password?" present in the pop-up window of the login screen an email will be sent with a new password from our staff.
  • Why does my site appear on Save n'Keep?
    As a free online bookmarking site, Save n'Keep offers a public or private site for the management of your bookmarks, and is therefore not responsible for any links, contents or web sites published on the homepage. Therefore it cannot control use by other users, with the exception of situations at the limit of legality or decency.
    We therefore invite you to view our “conditions of service”, before sending requests for removal.
  • Terms for the removal of bookmarks
    The staff of Save n’keep accepts all requests for the removal of bookmarks sent from the contact form on the web site. However, to ensure the best and most transparent method to process these requests, the following is specifically required:
    - the reason for removal
    - proof of ownership/property of the site/s for removal
    In fact it may occur that other users may request the removal of sites that they do not own or administer, for personal reasons.  Therefore requests will only be approved when the above requirements are met, for ALL WEB SITES subject to the said request. 
    This will ensure that requests are met with minimal processing times.
  • I want to remove my account: How can I delete my profile?
    If you decide to remove your Save n'Keep account, proceed as follows: 
    - after logging in, go to the personal menu (dashboard) and click on the link "settings". This opens another window in which you should click on "delete your profile". 
    Your account will then be removed together with any bookmarks you have saved.