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  • What is Save n'Keep?
    Save n'Keep is a social bookmarking site that allows users to save, store and manage website's pages.
    You can add and manage your favorite websites, search bookmarks by popularity or category so share it with your friends. Save n'Keep home offers you three different proposals: bookmarks suggested,  selected by topic and latest added. All with the following features:
    Create a Public page: to grow your personal following and followers so be rewarded by the Staff.
    Folder managing: to collect bookmarks by topic shown only to you.
    Notifier tool: alerts you on new posted bookmark by your following.
    Import tool: to upload bookmarks from your browser to Save n'Keep.
  • How do I sign up?
    You need to subscribe our free service to start adding your personal bookmark.
    The way is very easy to follow:

    1. Click on the promo link "sign up" or by the upper right button, "join us".
    2. Fill out the form with your email, nickname and a password. You can also customize your account choosing a picture between the default ones or a personal image, and leave a brief description.
    3. You must confirm your subscription by clicking the link we send to your email.
  • What can I do with Save n'Keep?
    Easy! You can do so many things:

    - Save your favorite websites from any device and browser.
    - Customize your bookmarks: most of information are automatically generated but some of them must be specified.
    - Manage your bookmarks privately or share with other site users.
    - Public user page gets some info may be customized: nickname, avatar and a brief description.
    - Reward your network and save their bookmarks.

    - Organize bookmarks by folders customizable in title and cover. We provide you a system folder to get started.
    - Get the notification! Thanks to this system alert, you will be notified when one of your SavenKeep friend posts or saves a new bookmark.
  • How to improve my profile page
    New bookmark and personal features
    You can search Save n'Keep bookmarks entering title or link, category, popularity or date and put them in a folder. The new
    Folder feature allows you to collect bookmarks matching your interests and shown them only to you. For folder setting just go to "My Folder" button in the toolbar and manage your stock gallery.
    The same applies to the personal settings. Keep in mind that just a few information are always public: nickname, your brief description and your avatar (personal or by default)
    Activities follow
    You can follow other users by creating a public profile feedback: below 10 followers you can get a low score "bad - bad", between 10 and 30 followers an average score with "so - so" feedback, over 30 it becomes "great". Following and followers info are always public.
    Awarded by
    The three most followed users will be rewarded in WE SUGGEST home. Also, that kind of information returns quality value to your activities so it's visible in your profile page. This ranking recognizes user most followed giving a special space in staff bookmarks' proposals. 
    Tool notifier
    An other important feature it's the new notification tool: stay always updated on your network activity!
    Import bookmarks
    This a new tool for loading to Save n'Keep all the bookmarks stored into your browser.
    First of all, you have to export the browser bookmarks file and load it. The system will analyze up to 100 bookmarks by time. They will be finally imported only if you confirm that the analysis is correct.
    To protect your privacy, each bookmark is set to private (switchable to public) and you can also choose a category (cat. "other" for default). 
  • How do I save a bookmark?
    - Click on "Add new site" link or "Quick submit" (into your personal toolbar), or by entering bookmark URL in search input.
    - Choose to display bookmark for you and you only, by selecting "private bookmark" checkbox , or share it with other users. If you choose private, its detail becomes visible only if on other user saves and shares the same URL.

    Your site will be analyzed automatically (info like title, tags or description) only after that you can insert additional label as category (always required) and folder where to place it.
  • How do I edit or delete a bookmark?
    You can always edit bookmark's info as category and folder or delete it. You need to go to its detail page and press delete to remove it from your list or from your personal page, clicking on the trash button over bookmark image preview. When you change bookmark category, remember that topic assigned will be:

    1) that one you chose if it's the first entry
    2) that one chosen by users majority
    3) that one the first user in time, in equal case
  • Creating and managing folders
    Folder system is a personal feature, no other user can see that kind of information. Add a folder is easy and quick! There are 3 ways for creating folders:

    - From add bookmark page, you may click on add folder link.
    - From personal page you may expand folder manage and click on "add folder/+ folder" link.

    - The same option is also on your toolbar with My Folder button.
    Some folder's properties are customizable and each content can be viewed clicking on folder's cover. It returns relative bookmark's list and its overall number.
    If you want to delete a folder, its relative bookmarks will be moved to the folder system. To delete each single bookmark you should do it one by one.
  • How can I share bookmarks on my social network?
    - click on "share" button,
    - you can see a small screen with a great variety of social networks,
    - choose what you prefer.
  • I forgot my password: How do I get back?
    Go to the login page, then click on the link "forgot your password" and fill out the form. 
    Within a short, you'll receive an email to reset your password.
  • Your Detail Page
    In a detail bookmark you can enjoy additional services:  
    - A search box of that domain on Peeplo.
    - Alexa and Compete widgets with descriptive or statistics info.
    - Info category box and how many users saved it.
    - Three additional bookmarks you might also like. 
  • Bookmarks removal conditions
    Save n’keep staff always takes charge of all bookmark removal requests received by online contact form. However, in order to manage all these requests, our Staff requires the reason why you would like to remove a bookmark and the website ownership proof.
    Indeed, it may happen that other users, not site owner, may require bookmarks removal for personal porpouses. So that kind of requests must comply these necessary conditions. In order to proceed properly, we also need the exact URL/URLs you are asking for removal. By this way, removal task will meet our conditions and it will be accomplished as quickly as possible.
  • I want remove my account: How can I unsubscribe?
    When you are logged in, go to your personal menu and click on the link "modify your data" then on "unsubscribe" link. After that, all your bookmarks and account will be deleted.